Guatemala: Burden of Peace

2 April 2015 in Amsterdam

The atrocities in Guatemala will be the topic of this session part of the Roads to Justice 2015 series. The film ‘Burden of Peace’ by Sander Wirken and Joey Boink will be screened, which premiered this year during the Movies that Matter festival in the Hague. In the civil war which Guatemala suffered for many years, the Mayan Indian population was especially targeted. Nowadays, Guatemala is still a highly violent society. The film follows the attempts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala  Claudia Paz y Paz to hold responsible those involved in the atrocities committed.

After the film, the former ambassador of Guatemala Jan-Jaap van de Velde together with filmmakers Sander and Joey will provide more information on the genocide and reflect on the current situation in Guatemala. There is also time for questions and comments from the public. This event is organized by NIOD with thanks to the Sander Wirken and Joey Boink.

Watch the trailer of the film on:

17.00 Introduction by film makers Sander Wirken and Joey Boink
17.05 Screening of Burden of Peace (2015)
18.20 Further information and reflections by former ambassador in Guatemala Jan-Jaap van de Velde, Sander Wirken and Joey Boink, followed by questions and discussion by the public.

De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam