Highlighted research

Investigation into the events before, during and after the Fall of Srebrenica in 1995.

Project about the impact of the Japanese occupation and the decolonisation process in Indonesia.

Research programme about the position of collaborators in Dutch post-war society.

War in Parliament (WIP) is a mixed demonstrator and data curation project that aims to make the OCR-ed scanned image collection of the proceedings of the Dutch Han

It is possible to work with NIOD for a period of two to six months as a fellow.

The first phase of the Gacaca Archive Project has started to preserve and to make accessible the archive created through the Gacaca Courts.

A project about war enthusiasm in European countries in 1914.

Feasibility study into the central portal for public sources related to the Fall of Srebrenica.

A publication about the phenomenon that is Anne Frank and her world famous diary.

Hier woont een NSB-er (NSB member lives here) addresses the daily lives of ordinary NSB members during the war. 

A study of the Dutch Military Authority during the post-liberation transition period.

A study on the history and dynamics of the memory of the Second World War in the Netherlands.

The eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire used to be a multi-ethnic region where Armenians, Kurds, Syriacs, Turks, and Arabs lived together in the same villages and citie

This work offers an interdisciplinary approach to the question of loyalty to a repressive regime.

This project focuses on the aftermath of the Second World War in Southeast Asia.

Research into how the Dutch war and resistance museums have shaped memories of the Second World War.

A study about the propaganda of Stalin's Soviet Union during the Second World War.

This programme aimed to inform the public about the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies.

Creation of an efficient, publicly accessible and sustainable digital database of articles on war crimes in former Yugoslavia.

The development of the concept of trauma in societies recovering from mass violence.

Investigation into how the phenomenon of political legitimacy operated within occupied Europe.

The course of the Second World War in countries and regions that got connected to the Netherlands after the war.

Research project into the experiences of Dutch inmates at Natzweiler.

A monography about post-war political and personal relationships between camp survivors.

This project studies the coherence between national and local commemoration initiatives.

The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War is a standard reference work for a broad audience.

Dissertation about three Germans who were imprisoned in the Netherlands for decades after the Second World War.

What part did Dutch municipal governments play during the Second World War and what was its purpose?

A biography about Pim Boellaard, a member of the Dutch Resistance, based on personal documentation.

This monography depicts the robbed Jews and the Dutch restitution policy since 1945.

This project examines the dynamics of contemporary antisemitism in a globalising context.

Research project into Dutch jails and prisons during the Second World War.

A study of the history of the Portuguese Jews in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

An academic biography about Princess Juliana that is accessible to a broad public.