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Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies Jaargang 12, nummer 2 (2023)

Hier vindt u jaargang 12, nummer 2 (2023) van het tijdschrift 'Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies'. Alle artikelen zijn gratis (open access) te lezen.

Inhoudsopgave jaargang 12, nummer 2 (2023): (Re)Living Greece and Rome: Performances of Classicial Antiquity under Fascism'

  1. Eleftheria Ioannidou / Editorial Introduction: (Re)Living Greece and Rome: Performances of Classical Antiquity under Fascism
  2. Eleftheria Ioannidou / Performative Mo(nu)ments: Re-enacting Classical Antiquity for the Popular Masses in the Theaters of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
  3. Sara Troiani / The Classical Performances at the Temples of Agrigento and Paestum: From Performances of Ancient Drama to the Re-Enactment of Myths and Rituals in Archeological Sites
  4. Patricia Gaborik / Mussolini’s Cesare: Propaganda, Pedagogy and the Dramatization of History
  5. Giovanna Di Martino / The Living Archive: Archiving and Documenting Classical Performance during Fascism
  6. Fiona Macintosh / Moving Images, Moving Bodies: Greek Dance, Eugenics and Fascism
  7. Pantelis Michelakis / The Antelope and the Lioness: Ancient Greece in the Prologue of Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia
  8. Dimitris Plantzos and Vasileios Balaskas / Reinventing Romanitas: Exchanges of Classical Antiquities as Symbolic Gifts between Italy and Spain (1933-1943)
  9. Han Lamers and Bettina Reitz-Joosse / Spectacular Latin: The Role of the Latin Language in Political Spectacles under Italian Fascism
  10. Jonathan Spellerberg / Enacting the Mythical through Architecture: Nazi Assembly Architecture as Performative Practice
  11. Paul Jackson / Paramilitarism in Fascism and the Radical Right: Sixth Convention of the International Association of Comparative Fascist Studies (COMFAS)



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