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De oorlog van anderen Nederlanders en oorlogsgeweld, 1914-1918

In the Netherlands, the First World War has long been regarded as irrelevant to our modern history; it was the war of the others. After all, the Netherlands had not participated in the war in the military sense of the word. Historian Conny Kristel shows how the Dutch were nonetheless aware of the horrors of the war through a variety of means - through newspapers and magazines, as well as theatre and film. The new arms that were used on land, at sea and in the air struck awe and fear and made the spectators reflect on the neutral position of the Netherlands. Was the country an other-worldly island in Europe? Was the response in the Netherlands different from that of the people in Germany and Britain? Or did the Dutch also fall under the spell of the war culture that reigned over Europe?

 De oorlog van anderen (translated: The War of the Others) shows how the Dutch viewed the war and how they looked for certainties in a world that was rapidly changing - while the Britons and Germans were fighting for their countries and their lives in the trenches.


Conny Kristel

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