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Dilemma's van gezagsdragers in zware tijden

Dilemma’s van gezagsdragers in zware tijden is the title of an essay by Peter Romijn, researcher at NIOD. He was commissioned to write the essay by the province of Noord-Holland.

In 2017, North Holland was the host province of the annual celebration of the liberation of the Netherlands, ‘Nationale Viering Bevrijding’. The theme of this edition was the power of the personal story. Everyone has their own experiences and stories of freedom. This same goes for the people in power. As government administrators, they sometimes face difficult dilemmas. This is certainly true in times of war and occupation, but also in peacetime. People in authority make decisions that may have major impact. There is, for instance, the story of a mayor who decided to stay on during the Nazi regime to save what could be saved.
The dilemmas of mayors and other people in authority are still relevant today. This essay is intended to involve the wider public in the debate and the thinking about professionalism, professional ethics, and the need to judge. With this publication, the province honours the mission of the Nationale Viering Bevrijding: ‘The province of Noord-Holland shares the freedom'.

Download the essay here

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