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Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies Volume 10, issue 2 (2021)

We proudly present volume 10, issue 2 (2021) of the Fascism journal (open access). It’s an issue containing 4 articles. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the articles and encourage you to share them.

Table of Contents, Volume 10, issue 2 (2021):

1.    Mark Camilleri / A Root Which Never Grew: The Fascist Dalliances of the Maltese before the Second World War

2.    Anton Hrubon / Creating the Paradigm of 'New Nation': Eugenic Thinking and the Culture of Racial-Hygiene in the Slovak State

3.    Nicolai von Eggers / Federalist Fascism: The New Right and the French Revolution

4.    Liam Liburd, Paul Jackson / Debate: Decolonising Fascist Studies




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