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Het Grote 40-45 Boek

Het Grote 40-45 Boek (translated: The Great Book on 1940-1945) is an essential classic of war photography. This bestseller, now in an attractive mid-price edition, contains an extensive selection of photographs from the internationally renowned collection of NIOD and other Dutch and foreign war archives. Photographs from the Second World War continue to surface in archives and private collections. This intriguing book is the result of extensive historical research. The photographs paints a poignant image of the Second World War in all its facets.

The large number of colour photographs is surprising. After all, it is the black-and-white images of the war years that live on in our memories and paint the picture of the Second World War. In addition, recently discovered amateur pictures from Dutch, German and Allied sides have been included. The photographs in Het Grote 40-45 Boek offer a direct view of the terror, struggle, and persecution, and of everyday life as it continued in wartime.


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