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Jodenvervolging in Nederland, 1940-1945 Wat Loe de Jong schreef over de Sjoa in "Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog"

Loe de Jong wrote the highly acclaimed series ‘The Kingdom of the Netherlands During the Second World War’. This fourteen-part series was published in 30 volumes (including appendices, commentaries, and an index) between 1969 and 1994. Because of the long time span, it was difficult for readers to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of one of the main themes of Loe de Jong's magnum opus: his analysis of the persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands. For this reason, Verbum Publishers, in cooperation with NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, combined every passage about the persecution of the Jews from this series in two volumes. The historiography of the international Holocaust did not stop after the publication of the final part of the series.

 In the first volumes of The Kingdom of the Netherlands during the Second World War, the term Holocaust was not even used. By now, new research has been carried out and the emphasis has often shifted, but the framework of De Jong's analysis remains undisputed and relevant to this day. In order to shed light on these developments and backgrounds for today’s reader, the life and work of Loe de Jong are examined in three introductions in this posthumous monograph, written by Dr Boudewijn Smits (writer of Loe de Jong, 1914-2005. Historian with a mission and other works), Dr Conny Kristel (senior researcher with NIOD and project director of EHRI, writer of Historiography as a Task. Abel J. Herzberg, Jacques Presser and Loe de Jong on the persecution of the Jews and other works), and Prof Dr Frank van Vree (director of NIOD and Professor of History of War, Conflict and Remembrance at the University of Amsterdam, writer of, among other things, In the Shadow of Auschwitz. Memories, images, history).


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