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Leven in bezet Nederland (1940-1945)

In 2020, we commemorated and celebrated the liberation of the Netherlands of 75 years ago. Spectrum publishers and NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies jointly published the series Life in the Occupied Netherlands (1940-1945) as a complete collection, brought together in one excellent volume. Starting from 2015 - 75 years after the occupation of the Netherlands began - every year saw the publication of a volume that accurately described the events of one year of the war.

Each year is discussed in detail and illustrated with unique photos and posters from NIOD's rich collection. The result is an indispensable series about the Netherlands during the Second World War. The preface was written by Ad van Liempt.

This collection consists of:

  • 1940 Confusion and Adaptation (Wichert ten Have)
  • 1941 The Mask Comes Off (Robin te Slaa)
  • 1942 War on All Fronts (Erik Schumacher)
  • 1943 Repression and Resistance (Elias van der Plicht)
  • 1944 Disrupted Expectations (Jan van Oudheusden & Erik Schumacher)
  • 1945 The Reckoning (Ad van Liempt)

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