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National-Socialist Archaeology in Europe and its Legacies

This edited volume is dedicated to national-socialist archaeology as a Europe-wide phenomenon. It analyses the national-socialist attempts to denationalize the archaeologies of the European nations by creating a new unifying European archaeology on a racial base

This volume will show how national-socialist archaeology, to some extent being valued positively as highly innovative, influenced the archaeology of non-occupied countries and how, in the end, it generally failed to overtrump the national archaeologies of Europe. It furthermore analyses the long-term impact of national-socialist rule on the development of European archaeology. How did the attempts to create a unified European archaeology, although it was not publicly discussed for decades, after 1945 continue to influence networks, methods and terms, institutional structures or popular representations of the early past?

The volume consists of 27 chapters and is edited by Martijn Eickhoff (NIOD), Erwin Nuijten (NIOD), Daniel Modl (Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz), and Katie Meheux (Institute of Archaeology Library, University College London). Each chapter deals with a specific European nation of region (both sub-national and supra-national) and is written by an author with institutional connections to the area involved. The structure of the book follows the chronology of the national-socialist expansion in Europe. 

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