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Oorlog in de collegebanken Studenten in verzet 1940-1945

The Soldier of Orange was not the only student who joined the Resistance. How did he and his fellow resistance fighters go about their tasks? This book describes the resistance of students and at universities.

During the war, the universities seemed an ideal place to start the Nazification of the Netherlands. The stakes were high, both for the students and their professors, and for the German authorities. While students like Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema joined the resistance, others had no qualms about signing the pledge of loyalty. Either way, university life changed dramatically. Some universities, such as Leiden University, were closed down by the Nazis at an early stage. Others carried on for much of the war. In this book, the motives and organisation of the student resistance movement in the Netherlands are set out. Here, for the first time, resistance at the universities is examined in its entirety.



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