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Rapport Erfpacht en straatbelasting geïnterneerden Nederlands-Indië -

There are scant indications that overdue municipal taxes were actually collected by the municipalities of The Hague from interned homeowners from the Dutch East Indies, according to the NIOD report Ground Rent and Street Tax Imposed on the Internees from the Dutch East Indies. After the war, the municipalities of Amsterdam and The Hague submitted bills for overdue ground rent and street taxes to Jewish property owners or their heirs. The fact that the arrears arose during the German occupation, at a time when the German anti-Jewish looting regulations meant that homeowners had no control over their properties, was no reason for the municipalities to refrain from collecting them.

The municipality of The Hague wondered whether back taxes had also been collected from homeowners who had been interned in the Dutch East Indies during the war. The municipality asked NIOD to investigate.  

Read here the report.


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