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Richard Fiebig en de uitbuiting van de Nederlandse industrie 1940-1945 -

Thanks to Richard Fiebig, Albert Speer's representative, Dutch businesses collaborated extensively in the German war effort. This is the portrait of a powerful German in occupied territory.

In 1942, German businessman Richard Fiebig, who was stationed in The Hague at the beginning of the occupation, became the representative of Albert Speer, Minister of Armaments and War Production. The energetic Fiebig became the most powerful person in the industrial production in the Netherlands. Historian and lawyer Joggli Meihuizen describes how Fiebig managed to get a large part of the Dutch business community to cooperate with the German war effort without complaints.

After the war, Fiebig had to answer to the courts; his trial was recorded. The trial was at odds with the rules of fair trial and came to an unusual conclusion.



Joggli Meihuizen

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