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Stad in oorlog Amsterdam 1940-1945 in foto's

Oppression, resistance, persecution, air warfare, shortages, hunger - these are many aspects of daily life in Amsterdam during the war. The Second World War has left its marks in the capital. The low point was the persecution and deportation of 80,000 Jews living in the city. These events scarred the city for eternity.

Despite the rapidly increasing Nazi terror and the many restrictive measures, the population of Amsterdam tried to live normal lives. The resulting contrasts were visible in the streets. Such a comprehensive book of photographs on Amsterdam 1940-1945 has never been compiled before. NIOD researchers Erik Somers and René Kok extensively researched the visual history of the city. The collections of NIOD and the archives of the city yielded a lot of unknown material, as did numerous other archives at home and abroad, from which photographs were retrieved that had never been published before. The resulting book, Stad in oorlog: Amsterdam 1940-1945 in foto's (translated: City During the War: Amsterdam 1940-1945 in photographs) is extraordinary and the first of its kind.

The carefully selected images in Stad in oorlog: Amsterdam 1940-1945 in foto's give a poignant glimpse into the lives of the population during the occupation.



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