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Academic Freedom

Academic freedom and researchers’ safety are the cornerstone of scientific creativity. Read the NIOD statement on academic freedom and researchers’ safety here.

NIOD Statement on Academic Freedom and Researchers’ Safety

Academic freedom and researchers’ safety are the cornerstone of scientific creativity. Aware of the strong emotions and views connected to the topics of research conducted at our institute, we are determined to stimulate our staff in fulfilling their academic and societal duties and obligations and we are committed to protecting their safety. We will actively support them while working in the Netherlands and internationally if and when they are intimidated, harassed, or threatened.

NIOD commits itself to transparency and to fostering multiple research perspectives on war, Holocaust and genocide studies, while inviting internal and external debate. From this perspective, NIOD aims to ensure academic freedom in this research field and to reduce the risk of academic self-censorship. Furthermore, we aim to serve the public interest through extending knowledge and understanding, encouraging critical thinking and expression, and to help to create free and safe spaces in academia, our societies and in the contexts in which we work.

Scholarly research and the production of scientific knowledge are driven by debate. NIOD supports its employees when they participate in public debate, and base their contributions on scientific understanding and remain within the limits of the law. This is also the case when there are public differences of opinion between its employees. In this regard, it is important to underline that statements made by employees should not be interpreted as positions taken by NIOD, but as part of the scholarly and public discussions that are held inside and outside the institute.

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