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NIOD Rewind Podcast

On war & violence
In the NIOD Rewind podcast on war & violence, Anne van Mourik and Thijs Bouwknegt interview historians and other academics about the history of mass violence, genocide, and war. What are these scholars working on? What are the main issues and new insights? How does the history of violence relate to the current debate, events, and phenomena? The NIOD Rewind podcast looks into innovative research, interesting methods, and new publications. The work of NIOD researchers is frequently highlighted. De NIOD Rewind podcast gaat over innovatief onderzoek, interessante methodes en nieuwe publicaties. Regelmatig staat het werk van NIOD-onderzoekers centraal.

Episodes of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify, or any other podcast app.

Season 5 of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

Season 4 of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

Season 3 of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

Season 2 of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

Season 1 of the NIOD Rewind Podcast

Special series: Uncertain Times

In this special series of the NIOD Rewind podcast, NIOD researchers discuss the corona crisis and the uncertainty it brings. How do they experience the crisis? And what is their take on current social events from the perspective of their research? This podcast is created by Anne van Mourik, Thijs Bouwknegt and Anne-Lise Bobeldijk


Podcaster and host: Anne van Mourik
Host: Thijs Bouwknegt
Host: Dat Nguyen
Photo logo: Joris van den Tol
Intro/outro music: Roy van Rosendaal
Consultant: Ismee Tames

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