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NIOD Rewind Podcast

In the NIOD Rewind podcast on war & violence, Anne van Mourik interviews scholars about the history of mass violence, genocide and war. A new episode appears every few weeks. What are the main issues and new insights in the field of war and violence studies? How does the history of violence relate to the current debate, events, and phenomena? The NIOD Rewind podcast looks into innovative research, interesting methods, and new publications. All episodes are available to listen via our Soundcloud account or in your favourite podcast platform

New: episode 38

Why did a relatively high number of psychiatric patients die in Dutch psychiatric institutions during World War II? Anne van Mourik interviews Eveline Buchheim (NIOD) and Ralf Futselaar (NIOD and Erasmus University Rotterdam) regarding their book, ‘Expelled from Care’ (Uit Zorg Verdreven). In Nazi Germany, psychiatric patients were killed as part of the regime’s ‘euthanasia program’, which aimed to eradicate individuals considered genetically and economically ‘undesirable’. Did this National Socialist ideology also contribute to the excess mortality among the Dutch psychiatric population? What was life like for patients and staff working in psychiatric institutions during the war?

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Want to know more about Dutch psychiatric institutions during World War II? Go here for more info on Eveline Buchheim and Ralf Futselaar's book (in Dutch).

Anne van Mourik interviews Eveline Buchheim and Ralf Futselaar in the archive of psychiatric institution Dennenoord (Zuidlaren)

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Overview of all episodes

The NIOD Rewind podcast has been on air since 2019 and was created by Anne van Mourik and Thijs Bouwknegt. Check out an overview of all episodes below.

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Special series: Onzekere Tijden

In this special series of the NIOD Rewind podcast, NIOD researchers discuss the corona crisis and the uncertain times it brought. How do they experience the crisis themselves? And how, from the perspective of their research, do they analyse events in society? A podcast in Dutch by: Anne van Mourik, Thijs Bouwknegt and Anne-Lise Bobeldijk.

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