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Image Bank WW2

Photographs, drawings, posters, and films keep the memory of the Second World War alive. The image material from the collections of Dutch war and resistance museums, remembrance centres, and NIOD is brought together in the Image Bank WW2. The participating institutions work together to create, describe, and make available a valuable collection of digitised visual material on the years before, during, and after the Second World War. The Image Bank WW2 is managed by NIOD.


The Image Bank WW2 contains image material taken in the Netherlands, the former Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Suriname, and the Netherlands Antilles, in the countries at war, the occupied and neutral countries, and on the various fronts. All forms of photography are richly represented: press photos, propaganda photos, and the important collection of amateur and illicitly taken photos. The Image Bank WW2 contains an extensive collection of posters and drawings and a collection of film material. The database is continuously updated.


Users can search and view over 160,000 images. For private use, low-resolution scans can be downloaded free of charge. If the quality of the image has to meet higher requirements, a (new) higher resolution scan can be made on request, the costs for which will be charged.

The images in the Image Bank WW2 may be used for private purposes only. If you wish to use an image for publication purposes, in any form, you must inform the Image Bank WW2 in advance of the purpose for which the images will be used. A copyright or usage fee may be owed to third parties. The Image Bank WW2 can refer you to the rights holders or inform you about the usage fee and how to request a scan.

The Image Bank WW2 has tried to trace all the rights holders of the image material. Should persons or bodies nevertheless feel that their rights have not been upheld, they can turn to us.

Descriptions and acquisitions

The Image Bank WW2 is very interested in additional information about the images. You can send us your comments. You will find a comment option next to each image.

Your photos and films from the war years can also be included as digital files in the Image Bank WW2. They are very welcome. If you are considering donating image material to the Image Bank WW2, please use the acquisition contact form, or contact the Image Bank WW2.



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