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Reading Room and Library

NIOD's collection can be consulted in the reading room. Due to COVID-19, advance booking is required. Upon arrival, visitors receive a visitor's pass that grants access to the reading room. A visit to the reading room is free of charge.

NIOD's collection can be viewed by appointment. You can book one or two half days (10:00-13:00 and/or 13:30-16:30). The Reading Room is open on Mondays 13.30-16.30 and Tuesday-Friday 10.00-16.30.

How to prepare for your visit to NIOD 

  • The online archive finding aids and library catalogue indicate whether NIOD has documents on a specific subject. Please note that it is not possible to reserve archival documents in advance.
  • The library has an open set-up, so the books can be accessed directly. For some sub-collections, you need to fill in a request slip at the checkout desk.
  • Check in advance whether the desired inventory numbers are restricted. In some cases, you need to ask the director of NIOD for permission to consult the documents; please refer to 'Are all collections accessible without restriction?’ Only after obtaining the director’s permission, can you make an appointment for consultation of the archival documents in the reading room.

How to book a visit to NIOD

In the case of overbooking, we will check whether any of the parties has an overriding interest (e.g. a deadline). This may mean that someone is given priority for reasons of urgency. Please make sure that you only come to NIOD if your reservation has been confirmed. A reservation is for one person.

COVID-19 guidelines 

  • From 8 November, you need to show a QR-code and valid ID to access the Reading Room.
  • Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms such as a head cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, an elevated temperature of up to 38 degrees or a fever;
  • Visitors need to comply with the directions of the reading room assistant and the signs posted on desks, doors, and floors;
  • Wash/disinfect hands immediately upon entering the building;
  • Use gloves when sharing equipment and clean the equipment with disinfectant before and after use. NIOD has placed gloves and cleaning wipes with disinfectant spray next to all computers and workstations for the purpose;
  • Return used books (including books that have only been looked at briefly) and archive documents to the collection area; a NIOD staff member will return them to the shelves;
  • Use the cloakroom and lockers;
  • The coffee machine, vending machine, and chairs and tables in the hall are not in use, please take this into account when planning your visit.

Asking questions during your visit

For other questions about the collection or for help in searching for information, a reading room assistant is always present at the desk.

Service standards & rates

A more detailed description of the services of NIOD is laid down in the service standards. A fee is charged for making and sending photocopies and scans. The price list gives an overview of the costs.


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