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What rules apply in the reading room of the NIOD?

The following rules apply in the reading room

Bags (including laptop bags), pencil cases and coats are not permitted in the reading room. They can be left in the cloakroom and free lockers. You can borrow a plastic bag to carry your writing materials, laptop, etc.

Laptops, writing pads and pencils without erasers may be taken into the reading room. Pencils can also be borrowed from the issue desk in the reading room. Pens or markers are not permitted.

Recording equipment. Ask the reading room staff for permission before using recording equipment (mobile phones, scanners, scan markers, cassette recorders, photo cameras, etc).

Photography. You may only take photos of archive documents with the permission of the reading room staff, in a designated area of the reading room (reproduction table).

Consulting archive material. You are not permitted to remove the documents from the archive folder. Do not remove any paperclips, staples, etc., from the documents, do not add any documents, do not make any notes on the archive documents, and leave the documents in the order that you found them.

Food and drink may not be brought in and/or consumed. This also applies to sweets and bottles of water.

Silence please. As the reading room is a space for research, please use it quietly and avoid disturbing other visitors.

Loss, damage and theft. NIOD is not liable for loss or damage to property. If there are suspicions of theft, NIOD will alert the police.

In the event of fire or another emergency, follow the instructions given by the staff.

Failure to comply with these house rules or failure to follow instructions may result in your being denied access to the reading room and/or the building by NIOD staff. Your permission to consult the archives may also be withdrawn.

Camera surveillance. NIOD uses camera surveillance and the collections are electronically secured against theft.

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