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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for information about a specific person? Or do you have questions about the Second World War or other periods of mass violence? Do you want to know something about NIOD’s services? Many answers can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

Use of archive and library

Searching for persons

General information

World War Two in numbers

Submit a content-related question to NIOD

Is your question not in the Frequently Asked Questions? Then it is possible to submit a written question. You can submit a written question through our contact form or by post:

Antwoordnummer 45629
1040 VE Amsterdam

Please note that not all content-related questions can be answered in writing. You may be invited to conduct your own research in the reading room in order to find an answer to your question, or you may be referred to another institution.

Please note that there may be costs involved in answering a content-related question.

The cost of answering a question

If extensive research is necessary to answer your question, you can have this research carried out by a NIOD staff member. NIOD charges a research fee of €50 per hour for this service.

Prior to the research, you will receive a quotation with an estimate of the research time required. This quotation will remain valid for a fortnight. If the quotation is approved, NIOD aims to send the answer within four weeks. The invoice will be sent after completion of the research.

The research is carried out meticulously by our staff. However, no guarantee can be given that the answers sought are present in our collections.

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