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Does NIOD have material on a particular town/area/region?

The library has a large quantity of publications on local history (see the library catalogue). The clippings collection also contains publications from the regional press.

Although NIOD's archives contain regional information, this information is spread over a large number of collections. You can use our archival access to search all descriptions in one go. A fair amount can be found about local and regional resistance, for example, in collection 251a: Landelijke Organisatie voor hulp aan onderduikers en Landelijke Knokploegen (‘National Organisation for the Assistance of People in Hiding and National Commando Groups’) (see in particular numbers 1 to 50 and 187 to 233).

In general, the relevant municipal archives may contain more information about local events than NIOD. For example, municipal archives often house the local municipal police’s war records. See also the Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen (‘War Resources Network’) website for a digital guide through the archives of NIOD and over 200 other archival institutions.

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