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NIOD’s data services

Data services allow for the automated use of NIOD’s data. By making our digital images, metadata, and texts available in this way (collections-as-data), we aim to facilitate new research, web applications, and services.

Available datasets

The Open Data Register of the War Resources Network (Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen NOB) gives access to the following NIOD datasets:

·        WW2 Image bank

·        NIOD library catalogue

·        NIOD archive descriptions

Other NIOD datasets:

·       WW2 thesaurus

·       Enriched Kingdom (Verrijkt Koninkrijk)

Use of scholarly datasets

New datasets are frequently created for academic research. However, these are often not yet freely accessible. Exceptions can sometimes be made for academic research. Please fill out the contact form to get in touch.

Everyday examples of the use of NIOD data

Supplying data for external applications is nothing new to NIOD. Some everyday examples:

War Resources Network (Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen)

The War Resources Network opens up collections about the Second World War from various institutions. The Image Bank and the Library and Archive of NIOD are part of this network.

The Netherlands Collection

The Netherlands Collection gives access to digitised museum collections. NIOD’s Image Bank data set has also been used for this purpose.

Please contact us before using our datasets

If you plan to use our datasets, please let us know by completing the contact form. We are keen to learn about any applications and research results based on our data. It also allows us to inform users of relevant developments, such as changes in the datasets or the release of new datasets.

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