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Service standards

Below you will find a detailed description of NIOD’s services.

Visit to the NIOD reading room

In NIOD’s reading room you can consult the collections and conduct your own historical research. A visit to the reading room is free of charge. Read more about how to prepare for a visit to the Reading Room on the Reading Room & Library page. When entering the reading room, you agree to our house rules.

For other questions about the collection or for help in searching for information, a reading room assistant is always present at the desk.

Consulting the NIOD collection

You can check the various collection indexes to see whether NIOD has material on a certain subject. You can read more about the various collections on the Archive, Library and WWII Image Bank pages. These indexes can also be viewed in the reading room.

Requesting archive material 

You can request archive documents via the request computer in the reading room. In principle, the requested material will be brought to your table within fifteen minutes. Read the instructions here.

A reservation slip (available at the desk) can be used to have the material consulted put to one side for a subsequent visit in the near future.

Consulting library material

The vast majority of the library materials can be consulted directly and is made available on open shelves in the reading room. Alongside the archive collections, the depots contain the magazine collection and some other small sub-collections such as brochures, theses, and pamphlets.

NIOD does not lend out material. However, it is possible to make reproductions or have them made. A reservation slip (available at the desk) can be used to have the material consulted put to one side for a subsequent visit in the near future.

Using the NIOD photo collection

The NIOD photo collection is almost entirely digitised and can be consulted via the website WWII Image Bank. NIOD’s visual material can be viewed via this site. You can also order a reproduction. 

Wireless internet (wifi)

You are allowed to use your laptop in the reading room; wireless internet is available at NIOD. You can ask the reading room assistant for the password.

Making reproductions of archive and library material

At NIOD you can make or request reproductions (photos, copies, scans) of the collection. More information can be found on the Reproductions of Collection Materials page.

Submitting a substantive question to NIOD 

The answer to your substantive question might be found in the FAQ section. If the answer to your question is not listed there, you can submit a written question to NIOD. Please note that there may be costs associated with answering this question. Read more about this on the FAQ page.

Do you have a suggestion or a complaint?

If you have any complaints or suggestions for improving our services, please contact us by filling in the contact form.

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