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Requesting archive documents in the reading room

It is not possible to make requests for archival documents before your visit. Requests for archival documents can only be made in the reading room. Find out how this works below.

Requests for archive documents

1. On your first visit to NIOD, you will receive a visitor’s pass. You will be asked to provide some information for identification purposes and to show proof of identity. Your name, card number (341-...), and a barcode are printed on your visitor’s pass.

At your next visit, you can use your card to sign in at reception by scanning the barcode.

2. Once you have a visitor’s pass, you can apply for archival documents by accessing ‘Requests’ on the reading room computers.

3.     Under ‘Requests’, you need to enter your details in the appropriate boxes:

  • your card number (341-...)
  • the access number (archive number)
  • the inventory number (file number)

The reading room staff can assist you. Please note that without a card number, you cannot use the computers to make requests.

4.     If you request documents without access restrictions, they will be processed automatically and brought to your table shortly afterwards.

If restrictions apply, a message will appear on your screen. You will then be asked to fill out and sign an Archive Consultation Form at the reading room desk.

Requests for journals, brochures, and newspapers or newspaper clippings

Requests for journals, brochures, and newspapers or newspaper clippings can be made by filling out a request slip at the checkout desk.



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