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Does NIOD have information about the persecution of the Jews?

This page contains a list of the NIOD archives regarding the persecution of the Jews. On the NIOD website, you can do an online search in the archive collection, the library collection and the image collection.

External sources

If you are researching Jewish war victims, you can start with the Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands website. This website contains information about the Jews residing in the Netherlands who died during the Second World War.

Another website with the names of Jewish war victims from all over Europe is The Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names. In this Yad Vashem database, you can often find additional information about the victims (Page of Testimony).

The International Tracing Service in Arolsen (Germany) has a vast database with information on victims of persecution by the Nazis, often supplemented with scanned documents. You can search these files by name via the Arolsen website.

Finally, you may want to consult the National Archives, to which the archives of the Dutch Red Cross were added in 2018. Here, too, you may find further information about persons who died during the war.

Archives at NIOD

It is important to realise beforehand that the options for searching NIOD’s finding aids by family name are limited. Many of the archives and collections cannot be searched by name. Please make sure that you have some context information when searching for information about a particular person. The following is a list of archives related to the persecution of the Jews during the Second World War. For each archive, you will find a link to the finding aid.


  • Generalkommissariat für das Sicherheitswesen (HSSPF) (collection 077)
  • Jewish Council of Amsterdam (collection 182)
  • Stichting Centraal Bureau van Onderzoek inzake de Vererving van de Nalatenschappen van Vermiste Personen (‘Central Bureau of Investigation into the Inheritance of the Estates of Missing Persons Foundation’) (collection 197a)

NIOD camp archives

Camp survivors

  • Afwikkelingsbureau Concentratiekampen (ABC, ‘Concentration Camp Settlement Bureau’) (collection 250m)
  • Camps and prisons outside the Netherlands (collection 250d)


For a more detailed overview, see the website War Victims WW2 Research Guide 

Requests for emigration and exemption from deportation

Help with hiding

  • Stichting Landelijke Organisatie voor hulp aan onderduikers en Landelijke Knokploegen (LO-LKP, ‘National Organisation for the Assistance of People in Hiding and National Commando Groups’) (collection 251a)
  • Research - Help to Jewish children (collection 471)
  • Nationaal Steun Fonds (NSF, National Support Fund) (collection 185b)
  • Vrije Groepen Amsterdam (VGA, ‘Free Groups Amsterdam’) (collection 189)
  • Nazorg Duikers - Provincie Limburg (‘Aftercare for People in Hiding - Limburg Province’) collection 831)

Post-war history

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