Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January, is a worldwide memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust and other genocides. The day was designated in 2005 by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in reference to the remembrance of the liberation of Nazi death camp Auschwitz on 27 January 1945.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 (photo: Dirk-Jan Spits)

In the Netherlands, Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is organised each year on the last Sunday of January; the commemoration is held at the Mirror Memorial ‘Auschwitz Never again’ by Jan Wolkers located in the Wertheimpark in Amsterdam.

Auschwitz Never Again

Under the slogan of ‘Auschwitz Never Again’ NIOD organises activities for youths aged 15-25, in cooperation with a number of organisations. Through such activities, Holocaust Memorial Day Netherlands aims to:

  • raise awareness among youths about past and current genocides.
  • promote the debate about the consequences of racial hatred, discrimination and antisemitism.

Join in

Holocaust Memorial Day Netherlands thinks it is important that as many organisations as possible take part in HMD. You are also invited to organise activities for youths on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day.

More information

If you are interested in organising or attending an activity visit www.holocaust-memorial-day.nl and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.