Beeldbank WO2 (Imagebase WW2) contains more than 175,000 images about the Second World War. The images are part of the collections of several Dutch war and resistance museums, war memorial centres and NIOD.

In this extensive imagebase you will find a very wide range of images, drawings and posters; from the German invasion in May 1940 to the Canadian liberation of Amsterdam and the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies.

All these images can be viewed and ordered in Beeldbank WO2. There is a monthly web special with unique images about specific topics, such as Dolle dinsdag (Mad Tuesday), Football during the War, the Liberation of the Netherlands and the aerial warfare above Friesland.

Ordering high-resolution images

You can order high-resolution versions of the images online. This is a paid-for service.

Read more about ordering images for professional or private use on Beeldbank WO2.

Share your knowledge with us

We try to collect as much information as possible about each image but you may know more about an image than we do. That is why you can directly comment on all images.

Don’t throw it away!

Do you have interesting image material from the Second World War at home? Don’t throw it away! We welcome new donations.

Through the Don’t throw it away! Campaign, NIOD, together with fifteen Dutch war and resistance museums and war memorial centres, seeks to preserve material from the Second World War owned by individuals and organisations in the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies.

Do you have images and are you considering donating them to NIOD? Use the contact form to send us a message with a short description of your material and your contact details. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and your material may be added to Beeldbank WO2 shortly.