11 March 2019

Based on last year’s international workshop ‘Into Action’ about people getting into voluntary resistance in the context of war and mass violence we created a longread on the topic. First published in Dutch last December, but now also available in English here.

In this long read, we investigate how people shape their behaviour in an authoritarian society. When do they adapt, and when do they think things go too far? What do they consider to be opportunities, or as too much of a risk? To what extent are they prepared (or not) to adjust their previous ideas about right and wrong?

Primarily using examples from the period immediately before and after the Second World War, but also from later in the twentieth century, we look for the small everyday negotiations of people in authoritarian systems, and what we can learn from them.

This long-read was created by NIOD in the context of the Dutch “Year of Resistance 2018”.