9 November 2020

In the NIOD REWIND podcast on war & violence, Anne van Mourik and Thijs Bouwknegt interview scientists about the history of mass violence, war and genocide. During the interviews they discuss the research and background of these people. Who are they? Why are they studying the violent past? What is their research about? How do they conduct research? How is society reacting to this?

In this episode of NIOD Rewind, Anne van Mourik speaks with Ismee Tames and Robert Gildea about their new book Fighters across Frontiers. Transnational resistance in Europe, 1936-1948. The book is the product of years of research by a team of two dozen historians, and it reveals that resistance against Fascism was not narrowly delineated by country but startlingly transnational. 

What did Ismee and Robert learn from this collaborative scholarship? How did the book came about? Where do the experiences of the transnational fighters take us? And what does it tell us?​

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