The 1990s were marked by significant changes within the documentation centre. In 1997 the institute moved from its old address at the Herengracht 474 to its current location at the Herengracht 380.

In 1999 the institute became part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and changed its name into Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD).

A more international approach

The most important change was a thematic one: at the start of the new millennium, NIOD, under its director Prof. Dr. Hans Blom, embraced a more international approach. The research field was expanded in terms of time and geography.

The prewar years, the aftermath and the reconciliation with the Second World War redefined the scope of NIOD’s research projects. The focus also shifted to events in the former Dutch East Indies and international comparative research.

Herengracht 474