Highlighted research

Although in recent years many controversial works have been published about the Royal House and, particularly, about Prince Bernhard, there is no serious biography yet about the former Queen Juliana.

NIOD and publishing house De Bezige Bij have invited sociologist Jolande Withuis to write an academic biography about Princess Juliana for a broad public.

Juliana in Great Britain (1944)

Researcher: dr. Jolande Withuis
Duraton: 2010-2015
Publication: Juliana. Vorstin in een mannewereld (de Bezige Bij; 2016)

More information

Jolande Withuis has not been granted access to the personal archives of the Princess Queen, located in the Royal Archives, so her study will have a synthesising and analysing character.

This biography of a Queen who succeeded the ‘Mother of the Resistance’ and who herself can be typified as the ‘Queen of the Reconstruction’, will particularly also pay attention to the Second World War and its aftermath.