Highlighted research

It is possible to work with NIOD for a period of two to six months as a fellow.

Fellows are expected, with consultation, to produce a concrete and assessable product (an article, chapter, book, presentation, et cetera.).

The type of product is dependent on the project, goal, and duration of the fellowship. These criteria will be outlined in the contract. Results will be assessed at the end of the fellowship period.


  •        Fellows work for a university or research organization in the Netherlands or another country
  •        Fellows are working on a personal advancement or post-doc research project which has a connection with NIOD’s mission and theme
  •        Fellows sign a contract: the guest agreement
  •        In exceptional circumstances, if the means are available, NIOD will pay a stipend


-  Senior and junior researchers (doctoral/PhD students and recently-graduated doctoral/PhD students) can contact Helen Koekenbier, research secretary: h.koekenbier@niod.knaw.nl

-  The Head of Research coordinates the assessment of the applications. NIOD’s directorate makes the final decision. Fellows are assigned a workplace at the institute and the end-product will be discussed and finalized. Fellows’ projects are announced via a synopsis on the NIOD website.