Current research

This project is a history of how the Dutch were involved, during the 1940s, in the Second World War in Europe and Asia, as well as in the post-war process of decolonisation.

Flower parade in Rotterdam shortly after the liberation (Beeldbank WO2)

Researcher: prof. dr. Peter Romijn
Intended publications: monograph in English, articles in scholarly journals

More information

This project departs from the usual concept of the 1945 liberation as a landmark in contemporary history.

During the Second World War both the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies (today's Indonesia) were under German and Japanese occupation (1940-1945).

After being liberated, the Netherlands engaged in a violent decolonisation war in Indonesia (1945-1950).

This project, however, refuses to see the latter war only as an aftermath of the former one; it will focus on the many continuities of a society continuously mobilised for internal conflict and external warfare, trying to come to terms with the profound changes in international relations.