Highlighted research

In November 1996 the Dutch Government commissioned the then-called Netherlands Institute for War Documentation to conduct a study into 'the events prior to, during and after the Fall of Srebrenica'.

For the purposes of this independent historical analytical research, the Government undertook to do everything in its power to grant NIOD researchers access to the source material at its disposal.

On 10 April 2002, NIOD officially presented the first copy of the report to drs. Loek Hermans, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, on behalf of the cabinet.

Researchers: Prof. dr. Hans Blom, dr. Peter Romijn, Dr. N. Bajalica, Dr. G. Duijzing, Drs. T. Frankfort, Prof. dr. B.G.J. de Graaff, Prof. dr. A.E. Kersten, Drs. P.C.M. Koedijk, Dr. D.C.L. Schoonoord, Drs. R. van Uye, Prof. C. Wiebes, Drs P. Bootsma
Duration: 1996-2002
Publication: Srebrenica, een 'veilig' gebied : reconstructie, achtergronden, gevolgen en analyses van de val van een Safe Area (Amsterdam; Boom 2002).

More information

The website www.srebenica.nl contains the full text of the report and related documents.