Senior researcher
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Dr. Tam Ngo studies religious changes, the dialogues between spiritualism and sciences, and memory politics in post-war late socialist Vietnam and China using anthropological methods and discourse analysis. A podcast about her first book, The New Way: Protestantism and the Hmong in Vietnam (Seattle, 2016) can be listened here or read a review. While researching that project, she frequently came across local narratives about the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese Border War, which formed the core of my second book project, provisionally title: The Unclaimed War: The 1979 Sino-Vietnamese Border War and its memory politics in Vietnam and China. Part of the findings of this book project have been published in “Dynamics of Memory and Religious Nationalism in a Sino-Vietnamese Border Town (Modern Asian Studies, 2019) and “Placing the Dead of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese Border War” (under second round of review at American Ethnologist).
At the NIOD, she will be leading leading a research project (Vidi, NWO) , titled: “Bones of Contention: Technologies of Identification and Politics of Reconciliation in Vietnam”, which investigates the use of spiritual and DNA forensics to find and identify war dead in Vietnam and its implication for the country's reconciliation politics."