NIOD manages over 2,500 meters of archival materials. These archives refer to the Second World War, including the pre-war years and the aftermath. Among other things, you will find the descriptions of the archives of:

  • The German occupation administration
  • Ministries in The Hague and London
  • Resistance groups
  • Jewish and National Socialist organisations
  • Prison camps in both Europe and Asia.

Searching in archives

NIOD’s archives have been made accessible through inventories and placing lists. If you have found an archive record you can request it via the computers located in the reading room.

There are two ways to search through NIOD’s archives:

Free search

You search through all archives, collections, diaries using random search entries.

Systematic search

In the archive overview the archives and collections have been ordered by topic:

  • Institutions and persons in the Netherlands 1930-1945
  • Institutions and persons outside of the Netherlands 1930-1945
  • Institutions and persons after the liberation
  • Archives and collections as a result of activities conducted by NIOD

Please note: NIOD’s archives have originally been made accessible for staff only. Therefore, the inventories are sometimes hard to understand. NIOD aims to make its archive collection more easily accessible in the coming years.

Access restrictions

A large part of the archive collection is fully public. However, certain archives have access restrictions due to the privacy protection of people who are still alive. In these cases we will ask you to sign an archive declaration or to ask written viewing permission from our director. In the inventories of our archive collections under the heading 'access’ you can see if there are any viewing restrictions for a specific archive.

See also Question and Answer: Are all your archives publicly available?

Fully digitised archives

A number of archives have been digitised and can be consulted online. See Question and Answer: What has been digitised so far?

Research advice

It can be quite difficult sometimes to understand an archive and to find the right archive records. Under Research advice and Question and Answer: How do I search the archive? you will find tips on how to use the archives. If you still have questions, you can always ask one of our staff in the reading room.

Additions to the archives collection

Before you can view new archive acquisitions in our reading room, the archive that we have received must first be made accessible. That is why archive records are first described before being added to our archive collection. It is important that this is done precisely and accurately, which means the archive records are temporarily not available.

Once an archive has been made accessible, this is announced on our website. If you are considering donating objects or documents to NIOD please visit our web page about the Don’t throw it away! campaign for more information.