Fascism...but with an open mind

25 April 2013: First Lecture on Fascism

”Fascism…but with an open mind.” Reflections on the Contemporary Far Right in (Western) Europe, by Nigel Copsey

In his lecture, Nigel Copsey reflects on contemporary right-wing extremism in Europe. Copsey states that the latent support in Europe for the far right is far greater than is realized. He is interested in the continuities and differences between the ‘old’ fascism, and the contemporary right-wing populism. Are right-wing populists still influenced by fascist ideology?

Nigel Copsey is professor in Professor of Modern History at Teesside University (UK). He has a long-standing research interest in right-wing extremism, fascism and anti-fascism.

The lecture is organized every two years by the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies, published by Brill (brill.com/fascism), to mark the first issue of a volume and to involve the scholarly and general public. The lecture is delivered by a member of the editorial board of the Fascism journal.