14 January 2021

Just before Christmas 2020 a new (double) issue of the open access journal Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies (volume 9, no. 1-2) was published. The special issue  ‘Global Cultures of Antifascism, 1921-2020’ presents articles in which the authors reflect on the culture and strategies to fight (neo) fascism, in Europe and Asia.

Table of contents:

  1. Editorial Introduction: The Global Cultures of Antifascism, 1921–2020
    Authors: Mattie Fitch, Michael Ortiz, and Nick Underwood
  2. Fighting Fascism with ‘Verbal Bullets’: Kaji Wataru and the Antifascist Struggle in Wartime East Asia
    Author: Edwin Michielsen
  3. Culture is Inseparable From the Struggle Against Reaction’: Forging an Australian Jewish Antifascist Culture in the 1940s
    Author: Max Kaiser
  4. Music Subculture versus Class Revolutionaries: Czech Antifascism in the Postsocialist Era
    Author: Ondřej Daniel
  5. L’antisémitisme est l’auxiliaire obligatoire du fascisme’: Jewish Communists, Antifascism and Antisemitism in France, 1944-1960s
    Author: Zoé Grumberg
  6. Pluralism at the Twilight of Franco’s Spain: Antifascist and Intersectional Practice
    Author: Louie Dean Valencia-García
  7. Somehow Getting Their Own Back on Hitler’: British Antifascism and the Holocaust, 1960–1967
    Author: Joshua Cohen
  8. Looking for a Dream, Surviving a Time of Nightmares: Eric Hobsbawm, Marxism Today and the Resignification of Antifascism During Thatcher’s Time
    Author: Iker Itoiz Ciáurriz
  9. Antifascism in the Neighborhood: Daily Life, Political Culture, and Gender Politics in the German Communist Antifascist Movement, 1930–1933
    Author: Sara Ann Sewell
  10. Antifascist Athletes? A Reappraisal of the 1936 Berlin Olympics
    Author: Keith Rathbone
  11. Exile Dreams: Antifascist Jews, Antisemitism and the ‘Other Germany’
    Author: Anna Koch
  12. Tales of Antifascism: International Survivors’ Organizations during the Cold War
    Author: Maximilian Becker
  13. ‘The Antifascist Kick’: A Signifying Cultural Practice in the History of Transnational Antifascism?
    Author: Victor Lundberg