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Public statement in reaction to the petition 'UvA Support for Palestine, End Occupation'

Published on 20 October 2023
NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies follows the developments surrounding the war between Israel and Hamas closely and with great concern. The catastrophic violence touches us all deeply and we regard it with pain and disbelief.

NIOD is one of the rare institutions in Europe with a specific research programme in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Not only do we conduct academic research, but we also teach university courses, document mass violence, and organise public events on a wide range of topics and cases.

Recently, NIOD and the Holocaust and Genocide Studies master’s programme were mentioned in the petition 'UvA Support for Palestine, End Occupation' - see reporting on this in Het Parool. In response, we want to emphasise that studying the violence in Israel/Palestine, alongside many other instances of mass violence in the past and present world, is a politically, ethically, and emotionally challenging endeavour. Yet, for us, research integrity, critical thinking, academic freedom, and a diversity of perspectives will always constitute our main focus and mission. (see: our statement on academic freedom)

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