At NIOD you can make and order photocopies. There is a charge for this. Below is an overview of the photocopying terms and conditions.


  • Books and magazines: you can copy published material without permission, with the exception of vulnerable material.
  • Archive material: for each photocopy you wish to make you must ask permission from the reading room staff member. Depending on the state of the document, the Archive Law and the Personal Data Protection Act the staff member will decide if the requested photocopy is permitted. You are not allowed to photocopy archive records yourself.
  • Making your own photographs in the reading room: the use of (digital) cameras is only allowed after permission from the reading room staff member, who, again, will refer to the Archive Law and the Personal Data Protection Act. If permission is granted, you can take pictures of the pieces in question in the repro room.


In principle, the reading room services are free of charge. Commissioned research, making photocopies or having photocopies made and sent to you are paid-for services.

Photocopies of books and magazines:

Photocopy cards (self service, only for published material)

  • 5 copies € 1.00
  • 10 copies € 2.00
  • 50 copies € 10.00
  • 100 copies € 20.00

Photocopy cards are available at the reception.

Archive copies

€ 0.50 per copy

Fee for commissioned research

€ 25.00 per half an hour