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Bram Schamhart is part of the correspondence and reading room team as a collections specialist. On the one hand, he assists the visitors doing research in the collections of the NIOD by helping them in their search for relevant archival materials and books. On the other hand, he answers questions from researchers, journalists, students and private individuals who contact NIOD by telephone, email and in writing. For the latter group, this can involve tracing and interpreting personal data in Dutch and German archives – often for personal reasons – from the period 1940-1945. He also contributes to the accessibility of the collections by describing archive documents and by data processing, among other things.

Bram studied history and sociology at the University of Amsterdam. During his history studies, he focused on the spatial distribution of various wealth groups within the early modern city, particularly that of Amsterdam's elite. Gathering genealogical information and preparing datasets was an important part of the success of his theses, skills that are serving him well in his current work.

In his previous position at NIOD, he described archive documents within the collection. He also contributed to the implementation and digitisation of the cartography of the German criminal justice system between 1940 and 1945 in the Netherlands.

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