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Carlijn Keijzer studied History and European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She obtained her Archivistics diploma in 2022. As Policy Advisor for Collections and Services, she is responsible for policy on the formation and use of the archive collection. She is particularly interested in issues that occur at the intersection of archivistics and research. Both in the formation of archives and in their use. Developments in the field of big data are offering new possibilities and raising new questions for the archives sector.

Carlijn is currently part of the project team of 'Oorlog uit Eerste Hand: Oorlogsbrieven (1935-1950)' ('War at First Hand: War Letters (1935-1950)') which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023.
The 'Oorlog uit Eerste Hand' project aims to digitise, conserve and make more accessible the collection of war letters. The letter collection is being scanned and then transcribed. Artificial intelligence is being used for this. Finally, the valuable information in the letter set is being annotated. 'Oorlog uit Eerste Hand' will also create a structured, scientific dataset that can be used in research, for example, for the application of quantitative text analysis.

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