Senior Researcher
coordinator E-Humanities, political history
+31 (0)20-5233800

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Dr. Hinke Piersma (1963) is a political historian and studied history at the University of Amsterdam. Since 1998 she works at the research department of the NIOD. In 2005 she completed her dissertation about four German war criminals who, from their trials in 1948-1949 until the release of the last two in 1989, were the subject of an intense public and political debate in Dutch society.

Recently she was project leader in the project War in Parliament on the use of the Second World War in the political debates in Dutch parliament. The question was how the political elites constructed narratives evoking the wartime past of their nation to make sense of the present. She is working in close cooperation with computer specialists on big datasets.

At NIOD she is coordinator of the E-humanities and she prepares a research project on the history of a Jewish family who tried to survive in the Second World War. This project is part of a larger programme War and Society at NIOD.

Dissertation: De drie van Breda. Duitse oorlogsmisdadigers in Nederlandse gevangenschap 1945-1989 (Amsterdam; Balans 2005).