Director of Research / Senior Researcher
Legacies of collaboration, WWI
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Ismee Tames (1976) is Program Leader War & Society at NIOD, Insitute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam and Arq Professor History of Resistance in Times of War and Persecution at Utrecht University.

Her main research interest centers on how people and their societies react to and deal with the situation of war and mass violence: their expectations, experiences and emotions. She follows a transnational and micro history approach, combined with methods from the social sciences and digital humanities.

Her current research includes projects on people involved in transnational resistance (with prof. Robert Gildea, Oxford University), refugee crises and forced migration (with prof. Christoph Rass, University of Osnabrück and dr. Henning Borggreafe, International Tracing Service),  tipping points in totalizing war (with prof. Maartje Abbenhuis, University of Auckland).

Previously she published on resistance, collaboration, children in war, post war societies, neutrality and total war, integration and exclusion processes.

DissertationOorlog voor onze gedachten. Oorlog, neutraliteit en identiteit in het Nederlandse publieke debat, 1914-1918 (Hilversum; 2006).