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New episode NIOD Rewind podcast

Published on 12 March 2024
How do researchers navigate field research in conflict-affected societies? In this episode of NIOD Rewind on War and Violence, we explore the challenges and opportunities of conducting field research. Host Anne van Mourik engages with researchers Solange Fontana and Lauren Gould, both with extensive experience in conflict-impacted societies. Why are first-hand experiences important when researching war and violence? What does the increasing shift to remote warfare mean for scholars seeking to conduct fieldwork? When doing fieldwork, how do you manage security? And how to deal with the emotional toll the work might take?

Curious for more?

Want to know more about navigating field research? Check out the literature below.

  • Jeffrey Alan Sluka, 'Too dangerous for fieldwork? The challenge of institutional risk-management in primary research on conflict, violence and ‘Terrorism’, Contemporary Social Science, 15:2 (2020) 241-257, DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2018.1498534 
  • Koen Vlassenroot, 'War and Social Research. The limits of empirical methodologies in war-torn environments', Civilisations 52:1-2 (2006) 191-198, DOI: 10.4000/civilisations.442 
  • Kate Cronin-Furman, Milli Lake, 'Ethics Abroad: Fieldwork in Fragile and Violent Contexts', PS: Political Science & Politics 51: 3 (2018) 607-614, DOI: 10.1017/S1049096518000379

The NIOD Rewind podcast has been on air since 2019 and was created by Anne van Mourik and Thijs Bouwknegt. Check out the overview of all episodes. 

From left to right: Solange Fontana, Lauren Gould and Anne van Mourik
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