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Dr. Karel Berkhoff


Karel Berkhoff is a senior researcher, historian of Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine and the Soviet Union) and the Holocaust. Research focus is the Holocaust in Kiev (especially the Babi Yar massacre of September 1941).
Co-director of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

His interest in the history of Ukraine arose when he heard about the Great Famine of 1933. The Holocaust became his second fascination, after meeting survivors and reading memoirs. Academic degrees from Amsterdam, Harvard and (PhD) Toronto.
Publishes mainly in English. The list includes two monographs published by Harvard University Press: Harvest of despair: Life and Death in Ukraine under Nazi Rule (also published in Ukrainian) and Motherland in Danger: Soviet Propaganda during World War II.
Memberships include the admissions committee for the Saul Kagan Fellowships in Advanced Holocaust Studies and the editorial board of Yad Vashem Studies. Was also Chief Historian of a Holocaust memorial centre in Kiev for three years.

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