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Marleen van den Berg, MA


Marleen van den Berg is a PhD student at NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the persecution and rehabilitation of Jews in Rotterdam during and immediately after the Second World War. In her research, she focuses on the experiences and perceptions of Jewish Rotterdammers. For this, she uses ego documents. With her research, she explicitly wants to make a connection between the deprivation and persecution during the war and the return and restoration of rights after the war.

Marleen is interested in themes such as persecution of the Jews, deprivation, restitution and restoration of rights, social history and micro-history.

Marleen van den Berg studied history at Leiden University. Since 2018 she has been working as a PhD student at NIOD. Together with Hinke Piersma, she wrote a research report for the municipality of Rotterdam about the policy of the municipality towards its Jewish inhabitants in the period 1940-1955. Marleen previously did research on the Dutch colonial past and the war in Indonesia between 1945-1950. In 2018, under her editorship (with Prof. dr. George Harinck), the volume 'Voor de geest en het moreel van de troepen, over de houding van de kerken ten opzichte van de oorlog in Indonesië, 1945-1950' ('For the Spirit and Morale of the Troops, on the Attitude of the Churches Towards the War in Indonesia, 1945-1950') was published.

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