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Oorlog in onderzoek 75 jaar NIOD

NIOD has been conducting scholarly research into wars for 75 years. On 8 May 1945, three days after the liberation, the institute opened its doors. Before long, it was charged with research into the war that had just ended. This led to the highly acclaimed series The Kingdom of the Netherlands During the Second World War by Professor Loe de Jong. For a long time, the renowned historian was the public face of NIOD. Under his leadership, the Institute collected countless government documents, diaries, maps, newspapers, photographs, letters, and books about the Second World War and the war in the Dutch East Indies.

In 2010, NIOD merged with the Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies under the new name NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. With this merger, the field of research broadened to include contemporary hot spots such as Srebrenica and Syria.

To this day, the source material of the NIOD is frequently consulted and the Institute interprets the emotionally charged war years, unperturbed by politics and passing fads. NIOD research frequently makes the news and leads to political and social discussions.

With closing observations by Frank van Vree.

Oorlog in onderzoek was edited by Marjo Bakker, Hinke Piersma, Jeroen Kemperman, and Petra Drenth, all working at NIOD. The closing observations were written by Frank van Vree, the current NIOD director.



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