Most documents are fully public; this means that, in principle, anybody can consult them in our reading room.

However, some archives and documents have access restrictions. They are marked as ‘beperkt openbaar’ (with restricted access). You can read the conditions for viewing a specific archive collection, in our online archive entry, in the inventory of the archive in question under the heading ‘openbaarheid’ (access).

There are two variants of ‘beperkt openbaar’:

  • Variant 1 (the ‘light’ variant): “Documents can only be consulted after obtaining permission from NIOD’s director. If you want to have this permission, please obtain a permission form at the desk of the reading room.”
  • Variant 2 (the ‘heavy‘ variant): “Documents can only be consulted after obtaining written permission from NIOD’s director. To obtain permission researchers must contact NIOD’s director in writing.”

For variant 1 you do not have to obtain prior permission, but you can fill in and sign an archive declaration in the reading room. By filling in and signing this form you automatically obtain permission to consult the record in question.

For variant 2 you do have to first submit a written and motivated request for consultation, addressed to NIOD's director. Only after you have obtained written permission for consultation, you may come and consult the records in question.