Digitised archives

At the moment around 2.5% of our archives has been digitised. The following archives have been digitised:

The following archives will be added in 2013 and 2014:

  • 250e Kamp Schoorl (2013)
  • 250f Kamp Amersfoort (2013)
  • 250h Kamp Ommen (2013)
  • 250m Afwikkelingsbureau Concentratiekampen  (2013)
  • 402 International Military Tribunal for the Far East (2014)

Not all material that has been digitalised can be accessed through our website. In the case of digitalised archives with restricted access, you can only view the files in our reading room, after obtaining permission to view the records in question.

See also: Are all your archives publicly accessible?


A lot of our library material is copyright protected and we can therefore not simply put it online. Many of the publications of which NIOD holds the copyright, have been digitalised (e.g. De Jong's The Kingdom of the Netherlands during the Second World War). Several other NIOD publications will be made available through this website in the coming years. In addition, a substantial number of diaries, war newspapers, brochures and resistance publications have been digitalised, mostly under the Geheugen van Nederland (Memory of the Netherlands) programme. You can find them through our website’s general search functionality.

Image archive

The image bank Beeldbank WO2 contains NIOD’s complete image collection (photos, drawings pamphlets et cetera) as well as some thirty other collections.

Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen

If we have not digitised the record you are looking for you may be able to digitally access it through other institutions. The Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen allows you to search through a large number of important WW2 collections in the Netherlands.